Bless Your Heart

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When I was a boy Growing up in the rural south years ago, It was quite common to hear people use the phrase “bless your heart”.  I remember my grandmothers and older aunts using it. Ocassionally Someone (usually an older female) would say something like “that child is ugly enough to stop an eight day clock, bless her heart”. Wikipedia says “Bless your heart” is a phrase that is common in the southern United States. The phrase has multiple meanings. It may be used to express genuine sympathy or as a precursor to an insult to soften the blow. However, it may also be used in an insulting way meaning “you are dumb or otherwise impaired, but you can’t help it” by individuals who wish to “be sweet” and do not wish to “act ugly. Wikipedia got that one right in my opinion.

The word bless can in that way be a very nuanced word. I took a moment to look up the word and one of it’s definitions is “ to endow (someone) with a particular cherished thing or attribute”. I like that definition. That is what I want to do for you who read this blog. I want to endow you with a cherished thing. I want to give you something of great value that you cannot buy with money. I want to bless you. I am not a prophet or an Apostle that I might lay my hands on you and impart some spiritual gift or power. I am just a simple believer and follower of Yeshua. But, I believe that if you can receive it, what follows will be of value to you. So, here goes.

YHVH is God. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. Next, His word is truth. Thirdly, Moses, the other prophets that He sent, and Yeshua All spoke YHVH’s words that he gave to us to direct and guide us. Yeshua is the greatest of the prophets and is the one that Moses spoke of when He prophesied these words.

Deuteronomy 18:15 “The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you, from your brothers—it is to him you shall listen— 16 just as you desired of the Lord your God at Horeb on the day of the assembly, when you said, ‘Let me not hear again the voice of the Lord my God or see this great fire any more, lest I die.’ 17 And the Lord said to me, ‘They are right in what they have spoken. 18 I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brothers. And I will put my words in his mouth, and he shall speak to them all that I command him. 19 And whoever will not listen to my words that he shall speak in my name, I myself will require it of him.

What awe inspiring and yet fearful words. If we will not listen to Yeshua then YHVH will require it of us. This is one of the most important statements in all of scripture. The things that Yeshua said matter. In fact they matter more than any words ever spoken, for they are the very words of YHVH. 

The words Yeshua said about salvation matter.

Matthew 19:16 And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life? 17. And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? 

There is none good but one, that is God: But if you will enter into life, keep the commandments.

Yeshua’s words about ministers matter.

Matthew 23:8 But as for you, do not be called Rabbi; for only One is your Teacher, (Yeshua himself) and you are all brothers and sisters.

Yeshua’s words about wealth matter.

Mark 10:23 And Jesus looked around and said to his disciples, “How difficult it will be for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God!”

Yeshua’s words about the poor matter.

Matthew 25:31 “But when the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, then He will sit on His glorious throne. 32 And all the nations will be gathered before Him; and He will separate them from one another, just as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; 33 and He will put the sheep on His right, but the goats on the left.

34 “Then the King will say to those on His right, ‘Come, you who are blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. 35 For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in; 36 naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me.’ 37 Then the righteous will answer Him, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry, and feed You, or thirsty, and give You something to drink? 38 And when did we see You as a stranger, and invite You in, or naked, and clothe You? 39 And when did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?’ 40 And the King (Yeshua) will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of Mine, you did it for Me.’

Yeshua’s words about nationalism matter.

John 18:36 Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would be fighting so that I would not be handed over to the Jews; but as it is, My kingdom is not of this realm.

Yeshua’s words about loving one another matter.

John 13:34 I am giving you a new commandment, that you love one another; just as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

Now, I offer you these words of warning. 

Yeshua didn’t say.

 you can just say a sinner’s prayer, ask for forgiveness and then go live your life as you please with no obedience required.

Yeshua didn’t say.

I want you to go out and create profitable ministries for yourselves. Ministries with churches like grand palaces and with paid speaking engagements. I want you to have Private airplanes to travel on and lucrative book deals. I want you to use your ministry to endorse politicians so they can create my kingdom here in your country and make sure that only the right kind of people get representation.

Yeshua didn’t say. 

Cut out social programs that help the poor, children and the aged so that the job creators can get tax cuts.

Yeshua didn’t say.

I want you to hate sinners and people from different political parties that don’t think like we believe they ought to.

Families have been torn apart, brother against brother, because of the rancor of the political commentators sewing lies and discord. This evil bile that is being spewed out of their mouths is poisonous to the country and it’s poisonous to our souls.

Yeshua didn’t say.

It’s ok to put immigrants in cages and mistreat them. After all we were here first. Even though many of them are christians we don’t have to treat them like brothers.

in light of Yeshua’s words I’m afraid whatever it is that is passing itself off as christianity today isn’t viewed very favorably by God. His teachings have been twisted to allow the rich and powerful to create the kind of world they can exploit to their benefit. Kings, Popes, politicians and so called clergy have been doing this since the beginning. But, The time is growing short and I have never seen so much hatred and division, most especially in the United States of America.

So, My word to you is one of caution. Hear and obey the words of Yeshua. Obey the commandments. Pray for guidance. Love one another. Remember that his kingdom is not of this world. Treat the immigrant like a brother, and do not be dismayed at the things we are about to see. If you don’t heed my advise to you then I say to you, bless you heart.

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